INTERVIEW W/ Mary Tungay: Co-Founder of Waremakers //

Why are you passionate about what you do?

Whether in my homeland or traveling I have always loved independent boutiques as these are very often the best places to find the kind of things that I get excited about. It gives me genuine pleasure when I discover a bag or hat that has obviously been well thought about and executed with real care, skill and honesty. It sounds silly but sometimes it can be nice just to hit pause when I am charging through my day and simply admire some of these finds – It elevates my day and makes living in a throw away Ikea-culture bearable.This essentially is what drives me, a desire to share and promote the independent producers we admire because I think they are important and we need them.

How would you describe the company culture at Waremakers?

We are driven by a mix of idealism and genuinely enjoying what we do. We all really want to expose these wonderful products to a wider audience – and thereby bring a touch more “quality” to the market.  Our flat organization means that everybody gets to make changes to how we do things, if they present their case well enough. This way, everybody feels very involved and shares a sense of purpose.

How do you envision the future of your product/services?

We want to grow the business by continuing to source and partner with many more accessory brands as well as expanding our range of existing categories. We will shortly, among other things, be adding three new stationery brands from Switzerland, Denmark and Germany as well as introducing a collection of caps from Sicily, Italy.


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The Master

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The Liverano Lapel and Shoulder

Ethan & Antonio

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